• Full Name

    Cement (High Blaine)
  • Grouping

  • Important Applications

    Dam construction, bridges, tunnels and piers
  • Softness Degree

    Blaine 3500 to 10000

High Blaine Cements

From Blaine 3500 to 10000

Narmkouban Company is the first producer of High Blaine micronized cement in Iran and is proud to have obtained the certification (ISO 9001: 2000) in this product, which shows the high goal of this company in proving the quality of this product in accordance with international standards. Due to the urgent need of the country’s construction projects and especially dam construction projects in the dam system and sealing and injection .

Narmkouban Company, it was decided to meet the needs of the country by producing micro-cement with softness up to 10000 cm2 / g and also an important step in exporting this Take a valuable product. Processed cements are offered with a range of 3500 to 10000 cm2 / g.

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