Narmkouban production Group

High Blaine Cement
آقای هنرمند نرم کوبان

Akbar Honarmand, Chief Engineer

Narmkouban Company was established in 1991 on a land with an area of 24,000 square meters with a base of 2,500 meters and equipped with indoor and isolated halls as well as 4,000 square meters of land that is reinforced with concrete to prevent any kind of pollution. Large and considering the most facilities and modern machinery, new technology and experienced and experienced staff in the production of mineral-industrial powders declares its readiness to produce and supply raw materials for related industries required by the country.

Faramarz Honarmand, Engineer

Narmkouban Managing Director

Certificates and honors

The progress and industrial development of the country and the achievement of the goals of the production and trade sector are due to the sincere efforts of committed professionals and activists who have invested their strength, experience and expertise in building the country and the well-being of our dear people. Narmkouban Company is proud to have obtained the certification (ISO 9001: 2000) in it’s products, which shows the high goal of this company in proving the quality with international standards.

Important honors of Narmkouban Company is supplying High Blaine cement in dam projects in the country.